Smart LED+ Lighting is a PLUG&PLAY wireless control solution. It is specifically designed to provide industry-grade IoT-based lighting controls that are reliable, automated, simple, efficient, and cost-effective.



* Great Lighting Experience: Lighting as you desire!

* Easy Installation: PLUG & PLAY, NO extra wiring, NO down-time.

* Easy Control:

Lighting controls are specified on each individual space.

On/off, dimming, schedules, sensors, lock/unlock.

* Huge Electricity Savings:

Saving up to  90% compares to existing lights.

Saving up to 75% more than normal LED lights.

* Huge Return on Investment: up to 1500% in 5 years.

* One-stop Lighting Service with wide ranges of LED+ lights.

With Smart LED+ Lighting, we are easily to establish a reliable and automated lighting system in a fast and cost-effective way to maximize your investment and minimize your operational

With our Software Defined SMART LED+ lighting controls, our clients can seemingly without any changes to their existing wiring infrastructure, move away from circuit-based lighting to a more efficient space-based lighting approach. This will provide the client with full control over the lighting experience as each individual light fitting can be controlled individually or as a zone. The solutions efficiency can safe you up to 90% energy compared to your current consumption, and up to 75% more than what you will realize with any current LED solutions.

Lighting Energy Audit – Comprehensive report


Our On-Site energy audit is a comprehensive audit focused on surveying your current light fixtures, their operating cost, maintenance cycles and operating hours to have a full view of current lighting cost. The report details possible efficiencies to be achieved by our Software Defined SMART LED solutions.

Our audit report you will include the following details:

  • Full comprehensive actual Energy Consumption report
  • Light Asset Register of current deployed light fittings
  • Actual Lumens report per area compared to SA

Full operating times schedule of current lights supported by business operations



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