PV Geysers

GeyserWorx® is a micro-processor based product that utilises solar energy during the day to heat household or commercial water.

This is done using PV (photovoltaic) panels reducing the electrical.


How does it Work

• Whilst there is sunlight, the water is heated up to 70ºC

• This helps to enable the water to stay hot overnight, depending on water usage

• The water temperature can be set to match your lifestyle

• Power utility can be used to heat the water on demand, if required

• Timers can manage/disable utility power usage

running costs of your geyser system



  • Save up to 30% on your electricity bill.
  • We’ll get your GeyserWorx® installed in no time
  • 20 Year OEM guarantee on PV panels.
    2 Year guarantee on GeyserWorx® controller.
  • GeyserWorx requires no Maintenance.
    You only need to clean the PV panels when dirty.

More Information

Utility Power Independent

No Plumbing changes

Extensive Protection

GeyserWorx utilizes extensive protection against electrical surges and lightning.

Artificial Intelligence

GeyserWorx implements machine learning algorithms to adapt electrical power consumption according to the user’s needs and lifestyle.

Scalable and Customizable

Because GeyserWorx is scalable, custom configurations can be implemented on an individual basis to ensure compliance.

No Plumbing changes

There is no need for plumbing changes in the installation.

No Maintenance

The system does not required any maintenance during the lifetime.

Minimal downtime on faulty components

The modular design allows for quick swap-out of components when something goes faulty.

Minimal loading on roof trusses

Photovoltaic panel weights are low.

Automatic Mode: Heat the geyser water to a max 70ºC using solar power.
When radiation levels fall, mains power maybe utilized to top-up water temperature in the geyser to 50ºC.

Manual Mode: Automatic control is bypassed, and AC mains will be used.
Manual boost mode is provided to quickly boost the water temperature using AC.

Timer Mode: To specify a time of day when mains power is not to be used.
Four timers per day.

Holiday Mode: Allows the user to deactivate the geyser for a period of time.


Advantages of the GeyserWorx® 

  • Drip Tray Leak Detection
  • Scale Build-Up Detection
  • Faulty Element
  • Over Temperature Protection (>70°C)
  • Dry Burn Protection (No water in the tank)
  • Heating Loss Protection
  • Electrical Supply Surge Protection
  • Cable Short-circuit Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Compliant with SANS 10400-AX2
  • South African National Building 10400-XA regulations require:
  • A1-buildings should utilize energy efficiently and reduce greenhouse
  • gas emissions
  • XA2-not more than 50% of the annual volume of domestic hot water must be
  • heated using electricity
  • Because GeyserWorx is scalable, custom configurations can be implemented on an individual basis to ensure compliance
  • For new buildings and renovations
  • PV panels for the appropriate size geyser
  • Mounting equipment
  • Roof mounting brackets (tiled, corrugated, concrete etc.)
  • Screws, wires etc.
  • Controller box
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