Revolutionising the way we generate, use and store energy!

 The world is changing, and energy is becoming increasingly expensive. Many governments around the world look to renewables as the only solution. Wind generation, solar power, hydroelectricity are all renewable energy sources. With the exception of solar, most systems are expensive to buy and install and are generally suited for large scale installations.

 Reduce your electricity costs by managing power from various energy sources, including solar panels, batteries, the national electricity grid, a generator or even a wind turbine – all with a Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter. It’s ideal for home and business and scalable so that you can expand it as required.

  Start with UPS backup power (with batteries and inverter only) and add panels later.

  • Start with Grid-tied (with panels and inverter only) and add batteries later.
  • Install a complete Hybrid system including batteries and solar panels which can be expanded, or…
  • Go totally off the grid with a completely independent system

​Ideal for powering TVs, decoders, computer equipment and appliances that consume more energy such as fridges, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles and toasters.

Complete control over your Hybrid Inverter

 The Sunsynk app has been developed to help you get the most out of your Sunsynk inverter. Tailored for customers and installers, it gives you complete control. Gaining access to features such as the update / upgrade feature, remote programming and much more!


LuxpowerTek was founded in 2017 by a group of solar inverter engineers. They are dedicated to offering the most advanced solar inverter technology in the carbon neutral era, to integrators, installers, users. Over time, Luxpower has become one of the top solar inverter suppliers in the industry. Today, there are over 50000+ Luxpower systems installed all over the world, and the list is growing. Our platform offers the most accessible monitoring to all roles from the chain, products ranging from residential to commercial, service is always our first priority.

We are committed to making our users benefit from the sun and enjoy life. 

Why choose Luxpower to buy solar inverters?

Luxpower focuses on user experiences, we care what users care about. We never stop improving our solar inverter based on clients’ demands.

 Intelligent Power Management System


  •         Free monitor system for remote monitoring, setting and update
  •         Wi-Fi/4G/WLAN dongle available for different application for data collection
  •         IOS and Android APP are available
  •         Multi-level for system management
  •         Different account type for distributor, sub-distributor, installer and end-users
  •         Distributor and installer can create assist account for after sales
  •         Support batch settings for many inverters set together

System Connection

A newly designed solar and energy storage hybrid inverter, capable to install in on-grid solar, off-grid solar and back-up systems. LXP Hybrid enables a programmable and scheduled smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bill.

LXP hybrid inverters support variable working modes

Self-consumption mode: the solar hybrid inverter will first use the solar energy for the house load first, the left solar power will be used to charge the battery. After the hybrid inverter’s battery is charged, the solar energy can be fed into the grid.

Force charge and discharge mode: inverter will charge or discharge battery according to the time users set.

Charge first mode: the solar energy collected by the hybrid inverter will be used to charge the battery first. then take family load and at last feed into grid. This mode of the hybrid inverter is suitable for areas with unstable power supply from the grid.

All-in-one Energy Storage System

Ready-to-use, Compact & Aesthetic & Modular


As one package combining inverter, battery and accessories, it enables operation after the plug-in of connectors.


Compact design saves your space, while slim appearance fits your home’s aesthetics.


The battery system is modular and can be expanded to exactly meet your energy storage demand of future.

 Can add another 5kw inverter and can take up to 4 batteries.

 Different configuration:

 5kw system with 5 kw battery

10kw system with 5 kw battery

 5kw system with 10 kw battery

10kw system with 10 kw battery

 5kw system with 15 kw battery

10kw system with 15 kw battery

 5kw system with 20 kw battery

10kw system with 20 kw battery



Combining hybrid inverter and low-voltage batteries, the Hyper Series flexibly store excess solar energy during sunny hours, which maximizes self-consumption of solar energy. With back-up power, Hyper series serves essential loads or the entire house automatically and seamlessly when outage occurs.


  • Battery modules can be added or removed at will, and maintenance is simple and convenient


  • Equipped with a powerful battery management system and LFP battery


  • Optimize the heat dissipation design of the inverter to avoid excessive temperature inside the machine


  • The inverter can be set remotely through the mobile app, making the operation more convenient


  • IP65 protection level
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