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Going solar is a process that not many people understand and grasp. They face many uncertainties and have so many questions that they don’t know where to get the answers from.

At Storm Solar Solutions, we understand these processes and have the knowledge to assist you to start the road to be self-sufficient, have control over your electricity requirements and how you use electricity. Before you can start this journey to independence, we need to address and understand the way forward. We make use of a couple of steps to guide you in the process and grow with your needs and requirements.

The following steps will assist you to understand where you are and what your requirements will be to go over to solar or to start to implement a solar strategy. 


Once companies have their strategy and plan outlined, they can use the following processes to begin implementation:

  1. Reviewing internal consumption data can help sustainability managers get a clear picture of consumption at each site level across their portfolio.
  2. Running an unbiased process of evaluating RFP’s, developing external relationships that help vet partners who can further the company’s renewable strategy, pursue near-term wins that capture the higher value, higher visibility characteristics of the renewable strategy; and sharing with executives or strategy sponsors to try and align with resources to execute against the larger strategy goals.
  3. Continually monitoring progress and measuring success allows companies to be nimble and adjust strategy midway through implementation.
  4. Sustainability managers will benefit from participating in industry or trade organizations that are also prioritizing renewable energy procurement to continue to learn and collaborate about procurement strategies.
  5. Every company’s renewable energy strategy should focus on setting goals that best achieve the intention of the strategy. It is a rare company that only has one interest driving its strategy to source renewables, because price, term, volume, operational requirements, and market availability of renewable solutions based on geography and capacity are all likely considerations of an effective procurement strategy.

While the timing to move to procuring renewable energy may be right due to customer demand, potential government incentives and having the resources to help, companies should understand that it is okay to take the time they need, and to make small changes to their processes in order to make a big impact.




Assess, measure, evaluate the quality of your current power requirements, needs and usage


Redefine, reduce, and optimize to improve energy efficiency and design a strategy for optimization of energy consumption.


Energize and implement renewable energy strategies.

Storm Solar Solutions have a very conservative approach towards Renewable Energy. We have seen so many people installing the wrong size or type of solutions prior to making sure that it is the right solution. This should not be a lengthy process if done right.


“We do not quote, we provide solutions”

The process we take our customers through to Energy Independence is a culmination of years of experience. It is easy to make costly mistakes and we have seen the typical pitfalls in the market where customers spend money on a Renewable Energy solution only to find out later that they have overspent on the project. This does not achieve the business case and has no upgrade path to independence.


We subscribe to the mantra that one size does not fit all!

We are thoroughly prepared to create a perfect solution for every customer’s Energy Saving and Energy Security objective.


That is why we named our business Storm Solar Solutions.

Should you have any comments or queries on the above or the attached please feel free to contact the writer directly.

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