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We believe that green and sustainable energy is both a necessity for our planet as well as the future of humanity. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable products to the Solar industry. We strive to source and supply only international quality products. Very low maintenance on your Solar System.


Storm Solar Solutions will install in no time!  Save on your electricity bill.


Going solar is a process that not many people understand and grasp. They face many uncertainties and have so many questions that they don’t know where to get the answers from.


At  Storm Solar Solutions, we understand these processes and have the knowledge to assist you to start the road to be self-sufficient, have control over your electricity requirements and how you use electricity. Before you can start this journey to independence, we need to address and understand the way forward. We make use of a couple of steps to guide you in the process and grow with your needs and requirements.


The following steps will assist you to understand where you are and what your requirements will be to go over to solar or to start to implement a solar strategy.


We need to:

Redefine, reduce, optimize, improve the efficiency of the usage of the energy, design a strategy for optimization of energy consumption.

Energize, implement Renewable Energy strategies.


We ARE Solar!


Entry level SOLAR system for essential loads with PV – NO BATTERIES – ONLY Operational during sun hours and with ESKOM present – HELP REDUCE ELECTRICITY ACCOUNT.


“OFF GRID Solar system, SAVE ENERGY, Power during loadshedding and at night.”





What Our Customers Say

My solar control panel looks much better now after it has been fixed by Storm Solar to meet all the regulations The service was friendly and great.
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Koos K
The Installation of equipment in your home or business I will surlily recommend Storm Solar Solutions, they do the job correct the first time and is efficient.
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Ian b
We were stuck in the dark. But never again after Storm Solar has installed our new inverter and solar panels. Services well done and will recommend them to any new client.
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Johnny VH

Save On Your Bill

Storm Solar Solutions will install in no time!


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